Okay! So, just so everyone knows, I've finally added commenting on here. It's far from a perfect solution, but it works, allows everyone to post comments (even if you're un-registered), and it should stop the majority of bots from coming in and messing around with stuff.

The next step I believe will be adding a user registration system in which users will be able to edit their data and upload a user image as well, but as of right now… I’m the only user in the system save for a test account.

The way I have it working right now, new comments are added under the name given, regardless of whether or not that user actually exists. If they do, the system will simply use the information found for that user instead of making a new one in the database. I chose this method because it will allow someone to post a comment without having to login, but at the expense of having to enter a reCAPTCHA. Either way can be a little aggravating, but I was trying to cut down on spam from bots.

Perhaps at one point in the future I will integrate my login system into one of the larger blogging centers such as blogspot or something of the like so that user information will work across the board, but as I’ve stated before this entire website was a test for me to test my currently ability as well as a way for me to keep up with programming while I’m in Japan/out of school. Programming is just like any other language… don’t use it and it will eventually fade away. I’d still have to consider myself a beginner in the area of PHP, but I think I’m doing good enough for a side project.

And… now onto Japan. T – two weeks and counting. I’m starting to get that “This is really happening” feeling, and I’m starting to get more nervous as well. I know this will be the experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait to get there, but I’m also really nervous about how I’ll adapt to life over there. I did okay for my two week trip there back in high school, but this time around there will be no chaperones, there won’t be any of the familiar faces that I went with last time, there won’t be anything I know. Sure I have friends that I met on my first trip and through the homestay that live in the Osaka area, but I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to meet up with them once I get to Japan either considering the 11pm curfew the first week of living in the Seminar Houses.

I’m sure that I’ll fine and I’m just being a worried wart right now, but.. this is normal right? I mean… I am moving to a foreign country for nine months. That’s the longest time I’ll have ever spent outside of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Anyways… I’mma starting to get a little tire and I think I’ll end it here for today.

UPDATE - 2010-08-13
User avatars are generated first from the website "Gravatar," a website built around unifying user avatars. If an icon is not found on Gravatar, the next location it will check is to see if you have an avatar on this website, and if all else fails, it will simply use the boring old default image :/

UPDATE - 2010-08-17
I've converted my comment system that I made over to DISQUS so that I can have a greater amount of control over what is posted here than what I had before. It supports live updating as well and has a lot of other nifty features!
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